Cabinetry prep set up

Kitchen Cabinetry prep set up our Meticulous Cabinet Painting Preparation And Techniques, Our Painstaking Attention To Detail, And The Long, Slow Drying Time Of The Speciality Premium Paint We Use Are All Factors That Lead To Our Customers’ Painted Cabinets Resulting In A Glass-Smooth, Brilliant Finish That’s As Durable As It Is Beautiful.

  • We carefully dismantle all the cabinet doors and drawers and we save, organise and set aside the hardware for re-assembly later.
  • We tape and plastic all the surrounding areas and the insides of cupboards and drawers that are not going to be painted.
  • Establishing a clean and organised work-space is important, and we make sure your kitchen is accessible at the end of every day during the cabinet painting project. We’re guests in your home while we work on it, and we do our best to stay out of your way and make the project as pleasant as possible. 
  • Doors and drawers can be worked on on either at our workshop or on-site if there’s a large enough area.


Cabinet Painting Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are Some Answers to Questions Commonly Asked by Our Customers, regarding Kitchen cabinet refinishing painting

  Q- My Cabinets are Oak or Some Other Type of Wood that makes the Grain Very Visible. You can Feel the Un-smooth Textured Surface. Can You Fix an Smooth-Out Wood Grain? Will my Painted Kitchen Cabinets be Glass-Smooth?

A- Certainly! We have special sanders for smoothing out wood grain. Additionally, we use a very special primer that is specifically intended for providing a smooth under-body over things like wood grain. It makes the grain in your cabinetry smoothed out so that the painted cabinet finish is glass-smooth. Our thorough sanding when added with this high-build, thick primer really provides an incredibly even, level surface on all areas of your cabinets.

  Q- What Colour Should I Choose for my Painted Cabinets?

A- White or off-white seems to be most popular, but we’ve seen (and really like) darker-coloured cabinets, too. If you’re serious about choosing the perfect paint colour for your cabinets then we strongly recommend hiring an interior designer colour expert for a consultation. It’s not as costly as you may think, and it could make all the difference. “Depending on the style of your home, a more modern feel to your kitchen is more likely to be achieved with a lighter painted cabinet.”

  Q-  How Long Will the Cabinet Painting Take and how will it Interfere with my Day-to-Day Life?

A- Even the largest kitchens with the most expansive cabinetry only take around a week at most. The average cabinet painting project takes a few days, and – unlike many painters – we go to extra lengths to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible throughout the project. We can work on doors and drawers at our workshop to minimise the amount of time we occupy your home. We also clean up at the end of every day and make sure you have as much access to your kitchen as possible – even throughout the work day. We’ll work around you and make sure you have access to everything you need. You’re the boss. There’s a reason our customers have had nothing but great things to say about us.

   Q – Will the Painted Cabinets Chip or get Scratched or will they Hold Up to Normal Use?

A- ‘Normal use’ for kitchen cabinetry is pretty heavy, and they can experience a lot of hardships (spills, dirty hand prints, getting hit with pots and pans, etc). Nonetheless, our cabinet painting and refinishing projects are guaranteed to withstand this normal wear and tear for 5 full years or we will come and fix it for free, WITHIN REASON, AND AT OUR DISCRETION . The products we use are top-shelf, extremely durable and we’re confident in our cabinet painting expertise.

  Q-  Will my White Cabinet Paint turn “Yellowish” Over Time?

A-  Yellowing of white paint happens with oil-based paints and we don’t use those. we use specialist paints, that are a 2 part epoxy, with a life expectancy of 5 years or more, depending on how you treat the finish during cleaning and maintaining.

  Q-  How Do you Protect my Counter-tops, Floors, Inside my Cabinets, etc?

A- We tape down paper  / plastics over your counter-tops and floors and we lay drop-cloths over that. You don’t even have to empty your kitchen cabinets: we seal them off with plastic (but you can still get to them if you need to, and we take down the plastic at the end of the day. We make sure everything is covered and protected: neatness and cleanliness are very important to us.

  Q- What if I want to Install New Hardware to go Along with my Newly Painted Cabinets?

A- You probably will! And we can do it for you, even if the new hardware doesn’t line up with the old screw holes – we’ll take care of it. Of course you can do it yourself if you’d like. If you happen to slightly damage the new finish we’ll fix it for you, no problem.

   Q- Your company seems like the Best Fit for my Cabinet Painting Project – What do I do Next?

A- Thank you! We agree. First, take a look at our cabinet painting photos page, then fill out the contact us form to schedule an estimate with our owner.

  Cabinet Sanding & Detailing

  • Different species of wood, different types of cabinet stains and clear-coat finishes require slight adjustments but thorough sanding is always part of our quality cabinet painting service.
  • We remove the clear-coat and “scuff” the stain thoroughly using a series of coarse to fine-grit sandpaper.
  • In some cases the stain on the cabinets is so old that we remove it completely and get the cabinets down to bare wood.
  • We carefully and thoroughly dust off clean all the cabinetry. Then we wipe the wood with a clean wet rag to raise the grain of the wood. This creates more surface area and makes the cabinetry more absorbent.
  • You’re probably having your cabinets painted because they’re old, and old cabinets usually have some damage. We use quality wood putty or a 2-part epoxy filler to correct and fix blemishes, dings, and other such damage.
  • A lot of the cabinet detailing we perform has nothing to do with damage at all. For example, almost all stained-wood cabinets have gaps in joints and seams, unfilled nail-holes, slightly imperfect mitred moulding corners, etc. These types of things can’t be seen until the cabinets are primed. Once everything is primed (especially if the primer is standard white) those thin gaps and small holes become glaring, unacceptable imperfections. So caulking and putty-ing / filling is a big part of our cabinet painting service.
  • After all that preparatory work, the cabinets are finally ready for priming.

Priming the Stained or Bare Wood Cabinets

  • Whether the cabinets are still stained or have been sanded down to bare wood, they must be primed. We always use an oil-based primer. Firstly, oil primer – especially oil enamel primer – is extremely sand-able, which allows us to achieve a beautiful, glass-smooth finish before we even paint. Oil-based primer also blocks and seals stains and tannins, and it provides a durable under-body for the newly refinished cabinets.
  • Our favourite primer to use is Morrells paints. At anywhere between £50 and £100 per gallon it is one of the most expensive primers on the market, but it’s worth it:
  • BIN shellac-based primer-sealer is extremely penetrative and effective at sealing stains, wood knots and sap streaks. It seals odours and grease as well and – according to its manufacturer – it does so without the need for sanding. We sand cabinets anyway: not just for stain-blocking purposes but for aesthetic reasons as well. Cabinetry prep set up
  • Our primer’ dries extremely fast and can be re-coated in 45 minutes. We apply anywhere between 3-5 coats of primer to achieve full coverage before painting and to apply a heavy, thick under-body that can be sanded smooth.Once the cabinets have been primed, we use fine-grit sandpaper and detail-sand the primed cabinetry so that everything is smooth and the primer pores are open and ready to receive the speciality cabinet paint.

  Cabinet Painting Products & Practices

  • Now that they have been dismantled, sanded, detailed, primed and sanded again, it’s finally time to paint the cabinets.
  • Using the right paint product and cabinet painting practices is extremely important, or all that preparatory work will be for nothing. This is why not all house painters offer cabinet painting services, and this is where your painter’s product knowledge and expertise is important.
  • Cabinets get a lot of use and the finish needs to be durable and washable in addition to looking great. In the past, oil-based paints were the go-to choice for cabinets. But traditional oil-based paints (alkyds) have high VOC content and are not environmentally friendly.
  • We Contracting practices environmentally safe painting, we’re certified by the EPA, and paint toxicity is something we always consider. Lucky for us, paint manufacturers are equally committed to “going green”.
  • Advances in paint technology have produced some amazing coatings.  which is specifically indicated for cabinet painting, is our paint product of choice. Cabinetry prep set up
  • Unless otherwise requested by our customer, we use Morrells cabinet paint exclusively. Simply put, it’s a fantastic product. It has all the advantages of traditional oil-based paints: slow-drying for excellent levelling and a glass-like smooth finish, dries to a furniture-like “Egg shell / Gloss / Satin” that’s extremely durable and washable. Unlike traditional alkyd paints, “ADVANCE” – and other waterborne-alkyds like it – are environmentally safe and have a low-VOC content, making them less toxic to be around. What’s more, they don’t have the propensity to turn yellow over time like oil-based paints tend to do (especially in white or light colours).
  • In most cases we use a HVLP airless sprayer to apply the paint to the cabinets. Sometimes we use ultra high-end mini-rollers and top-quality brushes that leave the smoothest finish possible. It doesn’t make a difference in the end: our painted cabinetry always looks factory-finished and glass-smooth. Cabinetry prep set up

How We Thoroughly Refinish & Paint Cabinetry: High-End Coatings, Meticulous Techniques And Supreme Attention To Detail Are The Cornerstones Of Our Expert Craftsmanship.

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