Kitchen Cabinet Repainting Refinishing Up-Cycling on Wirral

Below are some sample images of jobs before and after, we hope this can create the creativeness in you to change the colour or design of your kitchen cabinets doors and draws, closets, bathroom cabinets, counter-tops, new handles, trim, hinges, there are many options available, why pay thousands for a new kitchen, when we can completely change the look of your existing cabinets, not to mention the cost of new kitchen installation.

RestoreNation take the stress away from you, with no fuss, no mess way to do your job to a professional standard, and leave you smiling with money left over for other home projects, contact us for your free site survey and quote, one of our professional staff will come to your home or business giving you advice, showing colour samples, and giving you some creative ideas, so why are you waiting, we’re here to help you all of the ways in your project.

Kitchen Cabinet Repainting Refinishing Up-Cycling, by our professional refinishing department.

We do not own the copyright to these pictures, they are used for illustration purposes giving you a general idea of what can be achieved.

The Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Surface Refinishing vs. Replacing with New Cabinets

Planning a Kitchen Renovation but Undecided about the Cabinetry? Consider the Following Cost Analyses, Benefits & Value of Refinishing / Resurfacing Existing Cabinets for a Brand New Look: a Small Fraction of the Price of New Cabinetry

Preparation before finishing includes:

  •  Remove all handles and knobs
  •  We sheet up masking and taping all areas to be protected
  • Masking off of the kitchen floor preventing accidental damage
  •  Thorough preparation of all surfaces
  •  Superior painting and decorating
  •  Paint onto ANY surface of your kitchen
  •  Using the best quality materials

Pictures before we repainted this kitchen, we also added a new oak butcher block worktop.

Pictures after we had finished painting and installing the oak butcher block counter top. Belfast sink and drainer. 

Are you looking to remodel or renovate your kitchen? A lot of people get stuck when it comes to deciding what to do about the kitchen cabinets. Generally you have to decide between one of two options: a) refinish, (re-) paint, re-stain, reface or otherwise renew the surface of your existing kitchen cabinets, or b) replace them with new ones for a whole lot more money.

  • We can pick up, or you can drop off at our shop
  • The Kitchen is first prepared based on its condition and the intended result
  • Your kitchen can be painted onsite we bring the equipment and do your job
  • Multiple coats of primer and finish paint, with sanding in between coats for solid adhesion to the surface
  • Special finishes available to match almost any style or colour desired – finished look, distressed… just let us know what you would like to achieve

replacing cabinets in a kitchen or bath simply because they don’t match your planned decor may eat up far more of your renovation budget than you’d like. The option of cabinet painting is an attractive one for several reasons:

  • less costly than buying new cabinets
  • more environmentally friendly – existing cabinets are given a new life
  • minimum disruption – a whole new look in just a few days

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When bathroom or kitchen cabinets are in good physical shape, cabinet painting / refinishing – restoration can completely transform the look of the room at a fraction of the cost and disruption of installing a new kitchen, cabinets, worktops.

It’s very important to recognise, however, that painting cabinets require special attention in order to result in a good, long-lasting finish, that is something we can guaranty. Kitchen Cabinet Repainting Refinishing Up-Cycling by RestoreNation

If you really want it to last, it requires more than simply brushing or spraying on a few coats of paint. In every cabinet painting project, we follow a meticulous process of surface preparation, painting, and sanding in between coats in order to achieve the best result. It is also critical to use the right product to achieve the result you want, we use, Farrow and Ball, Dulux, Brewers,  and Morrells cabinet paints that are made for the job, giving the best long lasting results we are looking for, with easy cleaning and maintenance of your cabinets and surfaces.

Economical- On average, new cabinets cost £2,000 to £15,000+ and the demolition can take 3-6 weeks. Cabinet refinishing, on the other hand, costs about half of what you’ll spend on a complete reinstall, saves disposing of the old kitchen cabinets, all the rip out and reinstall mess, saving you thousands of ££££

It’s likely that your cabinets are in good condition, but the doors may need an improvement / up-cycle. Therefore, ripping out perfectly good cabinets to reinstall new ones is unnecessary. Plus, when you remove cabinets, you must pay the added costs to have new counter-tops installed and possibly a plumber to install a new sink.

The only time a complete reinstall of new cabinets is needed is if the cabinets are in poor condition (cracked, warped) or if you’re redesigning the layout of the kitchen, let RestoreNation come out and give you a free site survey and quote. 

Faster Completion- If you don’t like to wait for a new project to be completed (who does?!), then you’ll appreciate that the cabinet refinishing process is usually pretty smooth. Unlike putting your entire kitchen through a major renovation, refinishing can take as little as 2-3 days with our team working on the job. This timeline works out great for people who are short on time or want their kitchen refinished before family comes to town.  Kitchen Cabinet Repainting Refinishing Up-Cycling

Environmentally Friendly- More families are looking to lower their carbon footprints, and one of the easiest ways to do this is with the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. If you’re not changing the layout of your kitchen and your cabinets are in decent condition, you’ll only be contributing to the accumulation of hazardous waste if you throw your cabinets and counters away. Think about how much trash (and trees!) you can save just by being smart about using what’s already there.

Options Galore- Perhaps the greatest benefit to refinishing your kitchen cabinets is the number of options available. Many cabinet manufacturers these days have limited options unless you want to pay the expensive cost of having your cabinets custom made. Refinishing actually opens up more options without you having to open up your pocketbook. You can have the cabinets stained darker or lighter or have them painted an entirely new colour.

Other options to consider include changing the grain pattern, adding new trimming, doors and hardware and incorporating glass doors to showcase fine dishes and collectables. We can also order extra doors, drawers and boxes if any of yours are damaged. We work with joinery companies that can replace doors and reconfigure existing cabinets at great prices.

Kitchen Cabinet Repainting Refinishing Up-Cycling by RestoreNation

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