Restorenation Reupholstery put simply is the process of taking the upholstery off your existing furniture and replacing it with a new upholstery weight fabric. However, simple isn’t a word you would use to describe the skill and art form that is Reupholstery.

Is your favourite old furniture looking a little lacklustre and you’re exploring the idea of something new before you jump online or head out to the furniture stores, consider whats best for you and your furniture, reupholstering from RestoreNation upholstery or buying new?

Both options can be beneficial for different situations; reupholstering is often a much easier process than buying brand new – it can save you time, hassle, and in many cases, cost – whereas buying new can be a better option if your current suite isn’t of a high quality and you want to change the size or style of sofa.

I bet the furniture you bought several years ago is much better quality than the mass-produced one you can currently get from a modern expensive retailer. Typically, furniture frames that were made ten to fifteen years ago are generally a lot better quality hardwearing and more stable, so you can guarantee it’ll last with a quick upcycle. You may also know that the furniture you already own fits perfectly in your home it’s like a member of the family it has its place, so with RestoreNations reupholstery, you needn’t worry about measuring up, or squeezing in a new piece, let our upholsterer visit you show you some fabric samples, pictures of previous work and give you a free no obligation quote. Contact us now